Ariane Goldman

We’re kicking off February by featuring one of the most fabulously inspirational mothers we know - Ariane Goldman. If you’re not already familiar with Ariane, she’s the founder of HATCH Collection which is a sophisticated line of apparel for women at every stage of pregnancy. Read on to learn more about her! 

Hatch was founded in 2011, when social media started to become more of a ‘thing’. How did this rather sudden importance of social media influence the success of Hatch?

At first, no one covered maternity, but once Instagram came around, editors became more concerned with how they looked and they wanted to show off their bump, which was amazing timing for HATCH. We were their go-to option, and social media allowed them to share the love and spread the word.

Who did you look to for inspiration for the Hatch collection?

I look to my friends and all the fellow mamas out there in the world who are waking up and dealing with the age-old issue of getting dressed while pregnant. My inspiration are real pregnant and post-pregnant women who want effortless, stylish everyday solutions

What’s your favorite piece designed to date?

My favorite piece is the Slouch Dress. It's been tried and true since the beginning. I've seen women at every stage of pregnancy and at every age put it on, smile and feel super beautiful.

Photo Credit - Lianna Tarantin

Do you believe in the ‘balance’ that working mothers are so often thought to have? Why or why not?

I believe that if you’re personally inspired, you’ll be a better mother. So if work gives you inspiration, or whatever it is that fills you up inside, you'll have more to give to your child. That’s the balance to strive for.

Tell us about your relationship with your own mother – was she an inspiration to you at all?

My mom has always been a self-starter, a strong woman who drives forward and I think I get my strength and resilience from her.

Is there a quote about motherhood you most identify with?

Don’t forget to laugh.

Last but not least, what’s the silliest fib you’ve told your children?

That the tooth fairy got sick. (What can I say? I forgot!)

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