Elaina Bellis

Since having twins, California-based Elaina Bellis (@laylaygibson) has learned to not sweat the small stuff. Read on to learn more about her life raising double trouble. 

First - we can’t help but ask - we love the names of your twin girls, Quincy Kay and Rowe James. How did you come up with these names? Is there any meaning behind them?

Aw, well thank you very much! We each got to pick a name! I picked Rowe Cecilia from the get go I want to say I was only 10 weeks when I was stuck on that name. I have no idea how I found Rowe, but I originally wanted to spell her name Roe. Everyone said I couldn't spell it like that because it meant Salmon eggs, lol. So I threw a W in the mix! James chose Quincy after a late aunt of his, and I happen to also be from Quincy, Il. Kay (Quincy middle name) is after my mother Anita Kay, who passed away when I was a child. So Quincy's name had so much meaning behind it, and Rowe Cecilia didn't really have any meaning except I just really thought it was beautiful. So I decided to change her middle name from Cecilia to James after her daddy!

We imagine they share a very special bond. How would you describe your bond to each of them? How would you describe their bond with each other?

They're so very different. The share the exact same DNA, but are completely different humans! Rowe is my sensitive sweety. She really takes in life, and observes everything. She's a feeler and very compassionate towards others. Quincy is a snuggly goof. She's a little more go with the flow, life of the party kind. I feel so close to both, and share a different relationship with them separately and then a different one when it's all 3 of us. I love getting time alone with just one.

The girls are the very of friends. They GET each other more than James and I do. It's truly magical watching them interact with one another. They just know the ins and outs, and can calm each other down faster then we can!

Who chooses what they wear in the morning? Do the twins have different styles?

They choose! Some days it's a hit, and other days it's a miss, lol. Rowe loves to wear cat shirts, her heart dress, and her beloved red dress. Quincy is more tomboy style. She likes to wear her tiger shirt (which is just a stripped shirt) and her "wally" overalls ( a friends son names Wallace who wore overalls once, and now she wants to dress like him.)

Which pieces in your wardrobe are your go-to staples?

I love a jumper, high waisted pants, and a vintage sweatshirt or sweater. Most days you can find me in one of those!

Your family is currently based in Los Angeles. If you could be a mother in any city other in the world, where would you choose and why?

Hands down, Lincoln, Vermont. James and I met there 8 years ago at a magical place called, Zeno Mountain Farm. Do yourself a favor and educate yourself on this beautiful community ( www.zenomountainfarm.com ) We've spent every summer since there and go for months at a time. The longest we've stayed there was 4 months. It's the most beautiful place, and full of so much heart and love. A progressive community. I just love Vermont.

Last but not least, what’s the most helpful piece of parenting advice you’ve received? And the least helpful?

hmmmmmmm, most useful with twins.. don't sweat the small stuff.

not useful... i don't really think i have one for this, i feel like all parents are is just trying their best when they offer advice and doing all they know with the tools they have. So i just take what works for me and absorb it, and what doesn't i leave with the convo!

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