Home for the Holidays Featuring Joyce Lee

Once upon a time, we stumbled upon Joyce Lee's instagram (@joycejjoyce_). We'll admit that we couldn't resist how adorable her little girl, Poppy was but after further #Insta-stalking, we noticed that Joyce is the Head Designer at Madewell (and she has a little boy on the way!). That's pretty much the definition of a super mom, if you ask us. We were excited to speak with her and learn about how she celebrates the holidays. 

#MomHack for staying sane during the holiday chaos?

Online shopping! I love supporting smaller businesses, especially the ones who gift wrap each item and having them shipped directly to the recipient! (www.shopmercimilo.com is one of my faves for toys)

What's the best gift/favorite gift you've ever gotten?

A bunch of spa treatments from my husband during our last trip to Miami… A pregnant lady needs massages!!

What's your favorite holiday tradition? 

Taking Poppy to a suburban mall for a Santa Photo! So far, it’s been a disaster, but we always get a photo to remember the moment!!

Where are you celebrating the holidays this year?

At home on my couch or at the hospital, depending on when I go into labor!! I’m due around New Year’s!

Last but not least...what's your New Year's resolution? That is, if you believe in creating them! 

I don’t believe in setting myself up for this pressure, so I tend to give myself small goals throughout the year instead…

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