Brooke Eide

This week, we’re shining the spotlight on an interior designer/supermom, Brooke Eide. We’re big fans of modern decor (as you probably know by now!), but Brooke takes a modern aesthetic to the next level by infusing bohemian touches in her home decor and personal style. We caught up with her to learn more about what her family is up to for the holidays.

Favorite holiday tradition?

Going to a Christmas Tree farm and cutting it down! It really kicks off the season in the most fun way! 

Where are you celebrating the holidays this year?

Texas with my family! It’s never fun to travel with a little one, but for her to celebrate Christmas with her cousins it’s so worth it!

Best gift/favorite gift you've ever gotten

This is tricky! But probably a massage or spa day!

#MomHack for staying sane during the holiday chaos 

Wine?! No but really I find it helpful to keep small little holiday toys tucked away for the kids, and then slowly hand them out. It’s great when a little one is losing their cool (probably from all the holiday shopping) and it cheers them up, and keeps the holiday spirit going!

New Year's resolution - if you believe in creating them! 

Ha, keep the house clean? Is that even possible with a toddler?!

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