Charlotte Huguet


Charlotte & Emiliano, sons Leonardo and Solal from Barbizon France
Who doesn't dream of living in a small French village, near both the forest and the beach but still within easy reach of Paris? Charlotte and Emiliano have made this dream come true. Stylist and woodworker, they've put together their own take on modern family style: never too precious, always natural and somehow just right. 



Oeuf Fall Furniture Behind the Scenes Video from Oeuf on Vimeo.

Country air, city style, and that extra French je ne sais quoi (maybe it's the croissants!) make this family one to inspire us. 

Perfect Sunday: 

First, outdoor activities - bicycle rides, hunting for chestnuts in the forest, rock climbing. Then, big family meal with kids, grandparents, friends and neighbors. Finally, family film night (top picks: Pirates of the Caribbean, Goonies, and any Star Wars).


Things to love about Barbizon
The silence, the scent of the air in winter, and the marvelous forest filled with magical creatures (real and imaginary!

Family Motto:
Sleep solves everything