Home for the Holidays

Home for the Holidays with Sasha Chukure

Traveling home for the holidays takes on special meaning when kids are involved.  Bringing together the extended family to share precious moments and memories is the priceless reward for sometimes not-so-fun holiday travel.  Mom-of-two Sasha Chukure traveled farther than most this year, taking a dream trip with husband Michael and sons Daneel and DeAngelo from their home in New Mexico to visit relatives and treasured spots from her own childhood in Eastern Europe.  Here she shares a few of those moments with us. 

“I’ve waited for the day when my children meet their great-grandparents for so long that I couldn’t believe it was really happening and the joy was overwhelming. Next day after our arrival Daneel, my two year old, fell asleep on my grandfather’s chest and they napped together. That moment alone was so worth traveling across the globe!”

Back home in the US, “we celebrate Ukrainian holidays and cook Ukrainian food.  My boys love to eat blinchiki (crepes) for breakfast and I have become a pretty good crepe maker over the years”

“As a child I was never ever bored because most of the time was spent outdoors.  I loved seeing my boys hunt for mushrooms in the forest, and my older son DeAngelo learning how to cook them!”

Travel tips: “For the long flights always choose nighttime flights. We have downloaded a few children’s movies and cartoons to the iPad so the kids were always able to watch on a plane and at the airports. For traveling with younger children I would suggest using a carrier so you have your child close to you and both hands free. Things rarely go as planned, especially with children, so be ready to go with the flow.” 

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