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Designed In Brooklyn. Made in europe.


Treat Yourself

For the kids’ room, your room, or even the living room. Because life’s too short for boring pillows.



Once upon a time— when we were kids,
whenever our parents dropped us off somewhere like school, our grandparents’ house for the weekend or even summer camp, they always gave us a hug and a kiss and told us to “be good!” as they waved goodbye.

as kids — we were very literal and knew this meant…don’t cut your sister’s hair, don’t glue yourself to the wall, don’t go running off into the woods with nothing but your underwear and a toothbrush. At the time, it was mostly about good behavior.

now as parents— we realize there is a whole other level of meaning when we kiss them goodbye and tell them to be good. We know we’re really telling them to be good people. Do the right thing. Be the kind of people we hope to be.

as Oeuf — we have the chance to elevate this notion once again and be a good company.


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