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We love when our community resells Oeuf, passing preloved clothing & furniture onto the next loving home. So we decided to join you! In the new Oeuf shop on Noihsaf, we are listing exclusive Oeuf samples & overstock, plus our community can both buy and sell — and when you do either, you’ll receive a credit for $20 off your next purchase, to continue the circular economy. On Noihsaf (“fashion” spelled backward), all listings are hand-curated from brands we love (and ones we love to discover). We talked with founder Kate Lindello about why she started Noihsaf and what makes it so special.


Children’s names & ages:

Helen Rhone, 9 (human child), and Noihsaf, 9 (business child)

Three words that describe your style:

Unexpected, chic, fun

What’s one life lesson everyone should be taught in school?

Comparison is the thief of joy

Best habit:

Hugs (which was hard to kick over this pandemic!)

Worst habit:

Nail biting — it’s made a resurgence since becoming a mom to a tween.

Favorite place to visit and why:

Our cabin in Grand Marais, Minnesota. It’s a sweet little 700sf A-frame with no running water or septic (outhouse!), and it acts as a big reset button for my whole family. The north shore of Lake Superior is my happy place.

Three favorite Oeuf designs:

The Sparrow Crib: Our first Oeuf purchase 10 years ago! My brother now has it for his daughter so it’s making the rounds.

Pillows: They are all so clever, but the smile with the gold tooth has my name all over it.

Knitwear: Your knitwear is amazing. Truly wish I could get myself a pair of those high waisted shorts.

Mouth Pillow


Sparrow Crib


70's Shorts


How does selling on Noihsaf work?

Listing items for sale is always free! Sign-up for Noihsaf Payments (we use Stripe for all payment processing), and submit items you would like to sell. Our curators go through each submission and add accepted items into your shop. When your item sells, the fee structure is: Selling fee of 10% on cost of item (including shipping), with a $3.80 minimum Standard payment processing fee of 2.9% + $0.30 USD

The resale market is becoming a big industry (which is awesome!) — what sets Noihsaf apart?

Our community and curation really sets us apart from your larger resale sites. Noihsaf started as a way to sell some of my own items on Instagram in 2013. Nine years later we are a robust community with our own platform. I think any time you can foster and build a business organically it’s going to set you apart. I felt there was a big disconnect between current resale platforms and boutique brands. You have platforms that take everything and the kitchen sink, and then you have platforms that focus more on luxury items that require authentication. I realized Noihsaf Bazaar could fill in that gap and that's when I decided it was time to move beyond just Instagram and start building out our own resale site. We also love the brands we carry and want them to succeed! I love that Noihsaf Bazaar is a tool to discover emerging brands and small designers that often get overlooked on larger sites. They really align with our mission which is why I am so excited to partner with a brand like Oeuf!

What’s the coolest thing that has happened to you since you started Noihsaf?

Definitely meeting our community in real life. In 2017 I booked a ticket to D.C. last minute and went to the Women’s March on Washington without a plan. I ended up sleeping in the guest room of a woman I bought a Steven Alan blouse from years prior. I have a handful of stories like this, and I know I’m not alone. It really is a place to make friends! In a different realm of cool; we have had some celebrities from actors to musicians who have bought and sold using Noihsaf. It’s always surreal to be laying in bed with zit cream on my face in Minnesota and see an order like that come through. I am also hoping it ups my cool factor when my daughter is a teen. That remains to be seen.

There’s so much creativity in the Noihsaf brand. What inspires you?

Thank you! My previous job was a photo-stylist so I am very driven by aesthetics. I wanted shopping our site to feel like a boutique-like experience and not a soulless retail machine spitting out generic content and imagery. Our community is made up of a lot of artists, designers, and creatives. We utilize them as much as we can from illustrations, blog content, photography and pretty much anything we may need. We want to support those who support us. I worked with AfterAll Studios in Portland for our branding. JoAnna, the owner, was already a longtime Noihsaf fan which made the process even more special. She and I both like to keep things quirky and veer away from what’s trendy. Keeping Noihsaf a bit of a weirdo is important to me. :)

What’s your most important family activity?

We are a close-knit family of 3 so we spend a lot of time together. We tend to get into random streaks of hobbies. When the pandemic first hit we did a lot of geo-caching together. Parents! Download the geo-caching app. It gets you all outside, walking, and there are geo-caches all over the world. It’s like a daily treasure hunt. We also enjoy creating together. My husband helped my daughter build a little store in our backyard and she opens it a few times a year to sell jewelry, clothing and miscellaneous things she makes. She gets the whole neighborhood lined up and sells out. It’s really quite impressive!

What’s the best (or worst) piece of parenting advice you ever received?

The first few years of parenthood I had Brené Brown’s Parenting Manifesto taped to the inside of my medicine cabinet. At the time, I had no idea who she was, but I remember reading it for the first time as a mom and thought, “This!”

What’s one thing you would tell your younger self?

There’s a place for you to be 100% who you are and throw away your tweezers.

Sources: Headshots by Riah Beth Photo

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