Styling with kids

Joy Cho

Much to the enjoyment of our Instagram feeds, designer and blogger Joy Cho recently built her LA dream home from the ground up. We chatted with her about her favorite neutral, how to design a kids' room that grows with your kids and how our Perch Bunk Bed helped make the perfect shared bedroom for her two adorable daughters.


Day job:

Founder and Creative Director of Oh Joy.


Kids' names and ages:

Ruby (10) and Coco (7).


Three words that describe your style:

Color, Whimsy and Vintage.


Favorite color and why:

Gold. It's my favorite neutral because it goes with any color and adds fun and sophistication.


Favorite children's book:

Oh So Kind! It's the third installment in the Oh Joy! Story Books and shows in easy and practical ways how to be a good neighbor, friend and family member with small acts of kindness and consideration, which we need now more than ever.


Favorite weeknight meal:

I rely a lot on semi-homemade meals including from One Potato and Yori LA.


Favorite toy store:

Yolk! It's a local LA spot that has amazing toys for kids and other great gifts.


Three favorite Oeuf designs:

Mini Library: We've had this since my older daughter, Ruby's nursery in our apartment and it's now in the girls' bedroom in our new home. It's a great and timeless design that has lasted us years.

Perch Bunk Bed: My girls wanted to stay in the same room and this bunk bed allows for lots more floor space. Plus I LOVE the additional storage attachments you can add on and that you can separate them later.

Toy Store: We've had this for quite a few years also and love how it can be flexible for any toys your kids may have over time — and it helps give them a place for easy clean up.

Perch Bunk Bed

Toy Store

Mini Library

Joy's Perch Bunk Bed is fully accessorized, featuring all our available Perch accessories in twin size: Perch Trundle Bed with included replacement ladder, Perch Console for shelving on on the floor level and Perch Shelf for shelving that attaches to the upper loft bed.

What are qualities of the best kids' rooms, and how did you incorporate them in yours?

For parents, great qualities of a kid's room are pieces that can last from infancy to "big kid" or early teen. If you're going to spend money on these large pieces, it's great for you to have that longevity, with items such as bookshelves, beds, storage, etc.

For kids, they'll obviously go through lots of different phases of life in the space. So having areas of their room that they can contribute to as their tastes change can make it feel like the room is theirs. For example, areas of the wall to hang up their own art or posters, shelving to display jewelry or little prized possessions and places to keep their favorite books.


Who had the first sleepover on the trundle bed? 

Since we moved in to the house during Covid-19, my husband tested it out for our future guests to make sure it was cozy. :) 


What's the best thing about the space you designed, and what's the worst?

The best thing is knowing how much they enjoy the space and that they're spending their childhood growing up in that space.

The worst thing is knowing they'll eventually have different opinions than mine and they'll want to change things around from what I've already picked out!


What's your most important family activity?

We travel one or two times a year to visit my kids' grandparents in Philly.


What's one life lesson everyone should be taught in school?

Everyone should be taught that you're always going to be different from someone else, and that is something to be proud of.


What's your superpower, and why?

I can recognize random celebrities on the street! Ha!



Photos: Bethan Nauert
Design: Joy Cho with Cleo Murnane of Project M Plus
Styling: Joy Cho
Architecture: Project M Plus
Construction: Boswell Construction