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Made & Sourced In Europe

For more than 20 years, Oeuf furniture has been produced in Latvia, a small forest-filled country in Northern Europe. Latvia has a rich woodworking history, not to mention that it’s home to our much-loved Baltic birch plywood.

But there was even more to our decision: The impressive sustainable and ethical benefits of producing in Europe made our choice clear. Here's how. 


Material Sourcing and Sustainability: Latvia’s availability of locally harvested lumber means that Oeuf furniture is made where it’s sourced, helping maintain a small global footprint.

Renewable Energy: Compared to areas of the world that are dependent on coal and other fossil fuels, we’re proud to use renewable energy in our production. 

Technology: Our factory’s technological innovations lead to reduced waste and lower energy use, including the reprocessing of wood waste into briquettes that are used to heat the factory during Latvia's cold winters.

Environmental Standards: Europe's stringent regulations control emissions, manage waste effectively, and limit the use of hazardous chemicals. 

Ethical Standards: Europe’s labor laws are protective and generous, ensuring top-of-class worker safety and well-being.

Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Certified: With this gold-standard certification over our entire factory, FSC ensures that both forests and people thrive, thanks to zero deforestation, fair wage and work environments, plant and animal conservation, and community rights.

GREENGUARD Gold Certified: Oeuf furniture is certified by the highest standard in the industry for not emitting harmful chemicals into the air, helping maintain good indoor air quality for the whole family.

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